Ulthera in Seattle & IssaquahDr. Michalak featured in the Issaquah Press, March 16, 2011
“Ultherapy: Breaking the Facelift Sound Barrier”

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First came fillers in the Eighties, then lasers, then Botox™—all are still useful in their own way. There’s always been cosmetic surgery, but now there’s Ultherapy™. Dr. Michalak offers Ultherapy™ in his Seattle-area practice as a non-surgical way to counteract the effects of time and gravity by tightening and lifting skin tissue.

The beauty of Ultherapy™ is that it is a 30-minute procedure that uses the body’s own subtle healing response to gently, gradually and reliably restore memory to the skin and its underlying tissue.

What is Ultherapy™ treatment like?

With Ulthera, Seattle & Issaquah cosmetic surgeon Dr. Victor Michalak can precisely deliver sound waves deep into the skin to thermally initiate the body’s own rejuvenating mechanisms. The doctor touches the smooth Ulthera ultrasound applicator to your face, which allows him to actually see beneath your skin and tissue.

Like other sonograms, an image is projected onto a screen that both you and Dr. Michalak can see. This same hand piece is then used to deliver low levels of heat energy at just the right depth below the skin to tighten and lift the tissue, while leaving the surface of your skin unharmed.


Ultherapy for the Décolletage

Ultherapy is now approved for treating your décolletage! Dr. Michalak can use the revolutionary non-invasive treatment to quickly and safely improve the skin around your lower neck-line and upper chest area. Roughly three months after your Ultherapy décolletage treatment, you will notice younger, smoother skin around your chest and lower neck as your body replenishes its collagen supply.

What changes can I expect after Ultherapy™ treatment?

Your skin’s response to the energy is to contract slightly right away, and then to stimulate the growth of new collagen over time. A gradual tightening occurs, ultimately resulting in a natural, beneficial lift of facial skin tissue. The patient should expect the results of Ultherapy treatment to remain visible for 12-18 months. Ultherapy treatment is also noted as having no downtime. Following treatment, patients can resume all normal activities immediately.

Contact the office of Dr. Michalak for a consultation about Ultherapy™ in Seattle as a means to tighten and lift sagging skin on your face. Please dial 425-391-2500 extension 7 for Carolyn, our cosmetic patient coordinator.