Comfortable Breast Reduction with Tumescent Liposuction

Breast Reduction With Tumescent Liposuction

If you have uncomfortably large breasts and have considered a breast reduction procedure, talk with Dr. Michalak about the benefits of using minimally invasive Tumescent Liposuction for breast reduction in Seattle. Tumescent Liposuction is a minimally-invasive liposuction procedure that can be very effective for removing excess fatty deposits in many areas of the body.

Typical breast reduction surgery involves cutting excess fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breasts with substantial scarring and long healing times. Tumescent Liposuction with SmartLipo can remove the fatty layers of tissue in the breasts and also promotes collagen production, which can help to tighten the surrounding skin and tissue over time. If you want to improve your appearance by breast size reduction consider the benefits of Tumescent Liposuction as part of your plan.

Getting Tumescent Liposuction for Breast Reduction

Dr. Michalak has extensive experience performing Tumescent Liposuction and SmartLipo on patients who want to get rid of localized fatty deposits on virtually any area of the body. He was the first physician in Washington State to introduce this innovative laser-based device to the area and has found it to be very effective for dissolving the fat before extraction. The heat generated by the laser can help to induce collagen production, which helps to tighten the tissue during the healing process.

Some of the key benefits of Tumescent Liposuction SmartLipo for breast reduction include:

  • Dissolves fat as a part of the procedure
  • Less trauma to the tissues and blood vessels than traditional liposuction
  • Virtually no visible scars
  • Fast recovery and healing time
  • Can tighten, lift, and tone the skin
  • Much less invasive than traditional breast reduction surgery
  • Return to work in 1 or 2 days following your procedure

Scar-Free Breast Reduction with Tumescent Liposuction

Dr. Michalak is an expert in performing scar-free breast reduction procedures using the Tumescent Liposuction SmartLipo technique. Using Tumescent Liposuction to remove excess fat in this delicate area can promote a faster recovery time than traditional breast reduction procedures and also eliminates the risk of extensive scarring. The skin tightening and lifting effects of laser liposuction can produce better results among breast reduction surgery patients.

For more information about getting Tumescent Liposuction for breast reduction in Seattle, schedule your consultation with Dr. Michalak today.

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