Acne Extractions

Acne is the most common skin condition treated in the U.S. and while some individuals are able to manage breakouts on their own, sometimes you need the help of a dermatologist.

One of the services we offer is acne extractions. Extractions can help speed up healing by removing the material or pustule inside the blemish. Painful Pustules (white heads), are tempting to pop at home, but this can lead to lead to further infection, or scarring.

How Do Acne Extractions Work?

The area is cleaned first, then acne extraction tool like a comedone extractor is used to apply pressure to the pimple, expelling it’s contents. A tiny needle may also be used to open up the follicle making it easier for the contents of the pimple to be released.

Some blemishes are to deep to remove this way and may require a steroid injection instead. Steroid injections can help greatly in shrinking the size of the blemish along with the discomfort in a day or two.

Who Does Extractions?

We want patients to know how we facilitate acne extractions, and it depends on the severity of acne. Leslie Carney, Licensed Master Aesthetician does manual extractions in the office. One of the advanced healthcare providers offer steroid injections, or in the case of some types of larger cysts, can drain it.





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