When you frown or squint, tissue gathers between your brows and results in the formation of lines and wrinkles over time. Now you can treat those bothersome signs of aging with non-surgical injectable treatments like XEOMIN.

XEOMIN® is a facial injectable administered by board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Victor Michalak. Similar to Botox®,  XEOMIN temporarily diminishes the appearance of dynamic lines.

What Are Dynamic Lines?

As you use your facial muscles to achieve different expressions, the skin is repeatedly folded and scrunched. With age, these ongoing contractions eventually begin developing lines and wrinkles. These are known as dynamic lines and can often result in an aged appearance.

How Does XEOMIN Work To Treat Dynamic Lines?

XEOMIN, and Botox all use the same botulinum toxin type A as their active ingredient. However, XEOMIN is slightly different because it leaves out some of the other accompanying proteins that are found in alternative injectables.

For your XEOMIN treatment, Dr. Michalak will inject the solution into the underlying muscle beneath the skin. The active ingredient then works to relax the targeted muscle in order to temporarily improve the appearance of existing facial lines while also preventing the formation of new lines.

XEOMIN is used for the treatment of moderate to severe glabellar/frown lines – those pesky “11s” between the eyes.

How Long Will It Take To See The Results Of My  Treatment?

Your treatment with Dr. Michalak should only take about 10 to 20 minutes, and typically requires no downtime. During the first few days, you may experience minimal discomfort in which case, a topical anesthetic or ice pack may help.

The results of an XEOMIN treatment are not instant, but you will be able to realize an improvement in facial lines and wrinkles within the first week. Your face will continue to gradually improve and reach the maximum effect at about 30 days.

The results of your XEOMIN treatment will last for about three months. You may want to consider touch-up injections to maintain a youthful appearance.

Find Out More About XEOMIN

Click here to call our office and set up your own private consultation with board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Michalak. If you are unsure about which injectable treatment is right for you, discussing your expectations with Dr. Michalak will help him determine the treatment that will provide you with your best results.

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