Fraxel™ Facial

Want to look refreshed and get a smooth looking skin result with a fast, no downtime leading edge treatment?

With  Fraxel™ Facial you can get ready for that special evening or event and look great within days of a single treatment.

Fraxel Facial uses a combination of Fraxel laser which increases your skin’s permeability followed by applying two fast acting topical products. The topical products are able to penetrate deeper into the skin giving a turbo charged effect to the treatment. Fraxel Facial stimulates collagen, improves surface discoloration and better skin texture. Downtime is minimal with this treatment.

Fortified Fraxel Facial

Fortified Fraxel Facial, also developed by Issaquah & Seattle Dermatologist Dr. Michalak, is similar but goes deeper into the dermis than Fraxel Facial. This is for someone looking to treat skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles and needs more than what the Fraxel Facial can do. Topical antioxidants and collagen stimulators are applied after this treatment as well. Fortified Fraxel and Fraxel Facial work best when done in a series. Either treatment is beneficial as a maintenance option after Fraxel or other laser rejuvenation. It can be combined with Botox or filler for optimal rejuvenation.

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