Our experienced, licensed Master Aesthetician Leslie Carney can provide a variety of facial and skin care and medical spa services to improve the overall appearance and feel of the skin. All aesthetic spa procedures at Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology of Issaquah, Inc. are individually customized based on your needs to improve and enhance the appearance of your skin and target specific areas of concern.

To schedule, an appointment in our Medical Spa contacts our Eastside cosmetic dermatology office at (425) 391-2500 or for more information ask for Carolyn.
Fortified Fraxel Facial

Regain your youthful glow with A Fortified Fraxel Laser Treatment! The newest facial treatment developed by Dr. Michalak offers a combination of a non-ablative Fraxel laser treatment along with rejuvenation. Patients experience increased skin tone and improve texture while stimulating collagen with minimal downtime.

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Fraxel Facials

A new leading edge treatment called the Fraxel Facial uses a combination of the delicate Fraxel Laser which increases your skin's permeability and powerful, fast acting rejuvenation medications to smooth the surface of your skin, improve the color of your skin, and add new collagen with a single no downtime treatment. Your skin will look refreshed and renewed within days of the procedure. A series of Fraxel Facial treatments is recommended for more substantial results.

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Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Michalak is pleased to offer the most recent advances in laser hair removal treatment for patients desiring a comfortable, effective way to remove unwanted hair. With a beam of laser light, we can help you solve the problem of unwanted hair and unveil your naturally smooth skin. Laser hair removal technology makes it possible for laser energy to "select" only hair follicles, while sparing surrounding skin from damage. This brings the cosmetic results you want with the clinical results you need.

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Chemical Peels

A Chemical Peel is a skin renewal treatment that can be tailored to each individual’s needs based on skin condition, skin type and cosmetic goals. A chemical peel can treat a wide variety of unwanted skin conditions, such as fine lines and wrinkles, dull complexion, acne and blemishes, uneven pigmentation and more. We offer a variety of chemical peels and formulas for different patients and specific skin needs, from deep chemical peels to light chemical peels that require no downtime.

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Our signature facial uses the most medically advanced products available, to increase collagen and improve elasticity in the skin, stimulate cellular regeneration, improve circulation, and hydrate your skin. A facial is an individualized treatment designed for your skin type, condition, and current skincare needs. The result will leave you with a healthy, youthful glow.

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For the face or back, we offer acne treatments that emphasize proper exfoliation and extraction of pore-clogging debris. Extraction Treatments may also include a therapeutic mask. We offer both chemical and non-chemical exfoliation treatments to help address acne, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and enhancement of overall skin texture.

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Dermaplaning was first introduced into dermatology practices in the 1990’s as an innovative way to exfoliate the facial skin either on its own or in combination with a peeling solution like glycolic acid.
The treatment is quick, painless and safe, typically taking 30 minutes or less. Most skin types can benefit from the procedure done with few exceptions. If you looking to give you skin a boost with instant gratification, dermaplaning is the treatment for you.