TotalFX Laser

What is TotalFX Laser?

TotalFX is a laser treatment that treats sun damage, wrinkles, scars and more. This laser literally transforms your skin by smoothing out deep wrinkles old scars and textural issues. This is a non-surgical treatment but considered an ablative laser, meaning it removes very thin layers of skin. The procedure combines the benefits of ActiveFX and DeepFX together treating the upper and lower layers of skin. FX means this is a fractional laser, treating only a “fraction” of the skin’s surface while leaving some of the skin intact. The benefit is the healthy, untouched skin helps to speed the healing of the treated areas. This procedure is also referred to as laser resurfacing and fractional Co2 laser resurfacing.

  • ActiveFX: Works in the upper layers of the skin treating pigmentation, sun-damage and textural issues. New healthier skin cells are produced with this procedure and collagen stimulation.
  • DeepFX: Penetrates deeper into the dermis to correct lines, wrinkles, stimulate collagen and provide skin tightening. It is also very effective on acne scars.

When Combined together, this becomes the TotalFX procedure. Some patients benefit from a customized treatment where both ActiveFX and TotalFX are used. Areas like the neck and chest where the skin is thinner is an example of using different settings on the laser.

Who Should Consider TotalFX?

You should consider this procedure if you have more than superficial skin concerns, sun damage, deeper scars and skin laxity. Patients that have has a lower blepharoplasty and need additional skin tightening also benefit. If you have been unsuccessful with non ablative lasers like IPL or similar devices and need more. Or you are someone that just wants one treatment verses needing a series of treatments with a treatment like Fraxel Laser. Additional  skin concerns that can benefit:

  • Pigmentation
  • Texture irregularities
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Crows feet
  • Upper lip lines (smoker’s lines)
  • Skin laxity
  • Burn scars
  • Can treat a variety of areas including face, neck, chest, arms and hands

How Does the Treatment Work?

Your procedure starts with an application of a topical number cream applied to the treatment area. This will help make you comfortable during the treatment. Once the procedures starts you will feel a warm sensation from the laser. What is happening is that the laser is removing columns of skin tissue whereas some of the skin is left intact to aid in healing. Different layers of the skin are treated and controlled by settings on the laser. Treatment times vary depending on how much area is being treated but can be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes or longer.

After Your Laser Treatment

Immediately after an ointment and protective covering will be applied to your skin. You will return to the office in a couple days to refresh the dressing and continue to apply an ointment for a few days. The recovery varies, but most patients can expect at least one week of downtime. During recovery from this type of laser treatment, patients exhibit a pink color on the skin, similar to sunburn. The results will become evident upon healing, while more gradual improvements from collagen are revealed over time. Patients often look even better 3-5 months afterwards.

How Long is the Treatment Effective?

Patients can expect to look younger and more refreshed from the treatment for several years. Like all treatments long term benefits require maintaining good habits like limiting sun exposure and proper sun protection. Individuals who have a healthy lifestyle will benefit more than those who do not. Extending results can be achieved by having maintenance treatments like Fraxel, or Ultherapy yearly for example. Botox is another excellent way to reduce wrinkle formation and maintain results longer.

The Beauty of Experience

Dr. Michalak is a board certified dermatologist and has been performing laser resurfacing for over 20 years. He was one of the first dermatologists in the area to offer this type of treatment when first introduced into the marketplace. He is a highly trained expert in lasers often helping patients who have had less than desirable outcomes elsewhere. He is a member of ASDS and ASLAMS (American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery). These organizations provide ongoing training, and keep dermatologists current on issues related to the safety and efficacy of lasers and more.

Learn More by Scheduling a Consultation

Think this might be the right procedure for you? The next step is to schedule a consultation and be evaluated by Dr. Michalak. Your consultation will provide you with a treatment plan, cost of the procedure and answer any questions you have about the procedure. Appointments can be made by calling the office @ 425-391-2500.

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