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Exploring the benefits of skin peels

Chemical peels have stood the test of time, proven to be an effective, safe, skin rejuvenation procedure. Arriving on the scene in the late 80’s, the first well known peel used glycolic acid gaining popularity as a “lunch time peel”, that resulted in improved skin texture and acne in a quick affordable series of treatments.                                                                                                                                 Fast forward to today and you’ll find peels are still widely used in dermatology and medical spas with many formulations to choose from, making this an attractive option for a variety of skin concerns.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Statistically the category of chemical peels continues to rank very high in popularity for minimally invasive treatments. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons yearly procedural report ranked chemical peels third in 2020 with Botox respectively in the number one spot. To put this into perspective, that was close to a million peels performed.

This month’s focus and specials are on peels for a couple reasons. First, we are excited to add a new peel to our portfolio that is slightly stronger than what we’ve previously offered. Second, it’s easy to forget about the popularity and effectiveness of peels with so many treatment options to choose from.

6 Top Benefits of Having a Skin Peel

  • Improves skin texture, tone, and brightness
  • Improves pigmentation caused from sun damage and acne. Some pigmentation can be eliminated altogether
  • Exfoliates the dead surface layer of the skin
  • Helps with acne breakouts
  • Enables skincare products to penetrate better
  • Peels are great as part of any maintenance program or in combination with other procedures.

Where Peels are Limited

  • Lines and wrinkles. Peels like Vitalize and Rejuvenize can soften lines, but deeper wrinkles often need more. A combination of Botox slowing down the formation with peels or laser do a better job vs. peels alone. Crow’s feet and upper lip lines are especially difficult to treat due to repetitive motion and breakdown of collagen.
  • Some types of pigmentation or “spots.” Like wrinkles, some types of skin discolorations need more than a peel can provide. This is where we might suggest something like a Fraxel laser instead or in combination with the peels.

Types of Peels

There are many types of peel formulas available, most incorporate a combination of ingredients, often from natural substances like glycolic (sugar), salicylic (willow tree/metabolite of aspirin), lactic (milk), Retinol (Vit. A), the list is long. Combination ingredients work to accomplish several benefits in one treatment making it an effective option.

 The Peels We Offer

We carry the SkinMedica Portfolio of Peels: Illuminize, Vitalize, and newly added, Rejuvenize Peel. We also offer glycolic acid and the SkinCeuticals Micropeel. SkinMedica peels are combination ingredient peels that are different strengths. They are finished with a topical retinoid.

Glycolic acid is a go to for acne, especially teens. We often use this in combination with medications and may be billable to insurance, depending on your plan.                                                                                                                                                       Most all skin types and colors can benefit from one or more of the peels we offer, including sensitive skin.

Introducing the Rejuvenize Peel

We are excited to introduce the new, Rejuvenize Peel to patients. The active ingredients include Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Resorcinol, and Panthenol followed by a topical retinol.  This peel penetrates deeper into the epidermis and for most will produce exfoliation of the skin. The depth of this peel can be helpful for moderate lines, wrinkles, acne scars (except if they are deeper), and stubborn skin discoloration. If you’re a long time Vitalize peel patient and ready to try something new, this is for you!

 Getting Started

  • If you are new to peels in the office, you’ll want to start with a consultation
  • Skincare consultations are complimentary with Leslie Carney, LME
  • Rejuvenize Peel protocol requires patients new to peels to start with two Vitalize Peels, followed by Rejuvenize.
  • Established Vitalize Peel patients may be able to move directly to scheduling a Rejuvenize Peel.

We do recognize patients have different skin types, and that is why a consultation is necessary to create a custom treatment plan. Leslie Carney, Licensed Master Aesthetician has been with the practice for over 15 years and uses her expertise in conjunction with Dr. Michalak, or our other advanced healthcare providers to create the very best plan for patients.

November Specials

Peel Punch Card

Don’t forget to pick up a peel punch card! This incentive rewards you with a complimentary peel on your 10th visit.

 Alert! Botox Cosmetic Day is on November 17th

  •  Botox Cosmetic Day is a one day only promotion for Alle members
  • This year’s promotion is a BOGO $50.00 gift card. To redeem the gift card you all you have to do is go to: and purchase your gift card on November 17th. The earlier you purchase the better, this is a first come, first serve promotion.
  • Alle is also offering double points in addition to Botox Cosmetic Day. Botox consultations and treatments scheduled the week of November 15th are eligible.


Appointments for consultations, treatment, or questions can be made by calling 425-391-2500 or submitting a contact form on the website. Skincare consultations including discussion of peels with Leslie Carney, LME are complimentary. Botox appointments are performed by Emily Nardiello, PA-C, Debbie Gauthier, ARNP, and Dr. Michalak.