Positively Skin Newsletter

COVID-19 Update

The governor recently implemented some changes in how businesses function due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in our state. Although we were not directly affected by these changes, we wanted to provide what additional steps we implemented back in April. We want to assure you that the safety of patients, staff and the community are of the utmost importance to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Some Key Safety Measures Include:

  • Phone screenings prior to coming in.
  • Minimizing waiting room traffic by having patients wait in their cars being called in for appointments.
  • Self-Body temperature check being taken upon entering and again prior to appointment.
  • Hand sanitation stations throughout the practice.
  • Plexiglass screens at check in and check out.

We will continue to provide updates so patients know what to expect in the office and in accordance with any changes to state requirements. You can find this information on our Google business listing, Facebook and Instagram. The most important message is for patients with skin cancer histories, suspicious spots or conditions that affect quality of life is to not wait to schedule your appointment with us.

 December Specials

If you are interested, we recommend booking early. We get busy this time of year making it difficult to accommodate quick appointments. We encourage you to call the office or send us a message via  a contact form if you are new to any procedure and have questions.

About This Month’s Specials

Learn more about this months specials:

Dermal Filler

Fortified Fraxel Facial



Has Time Off and Zoom Increased Cosmetic Treatments?

If you have been using Zoom and looking at yourself differently, you are not alone. According to RealSelf who collects data on fluctuations in cosmetic trend, Zoom calls have created a new reality on how we perceive ourselves.  There is something about seeing your face on video that can make some of us evaluate how we look. It is different for everyone, but an emphasis on the face, skin quality, wrinkles and double chins are common concerns. The other contributor is time off. Patients have had time to do research on the procedures they are interested in coupled with enough time off to do the procedure. We would have to agree that there has been an increase in laser, liposuction and injectables the past few months. If you are unfamiliar with RealSelf make sure to check out Dr. Michalak’s Verified profile.

Botox Week

Botox week has been a big hit, allowing patients to receive a discount during a selective week on either Botox or Xeomin. This time of year, we would normally do one in December, but guess what? We are booked enough to make it difficult to accommodate a large volume of patients. We have decided to try something different, creating a “virtual” gift card (below) for the customary 15% discount to be used now through the end of January. This is exclusive to email subscribers so if you haven’t signed up, do so! First time Botox user’s can request to use the Fresh Start Card. Please mention it when you schedule your appointment.

Scheduling Your Appointment Through The End of The Year

Whether you are scheduling a dermatology or aesthetic appointment, do not wait to schedule at the last minute! This is our busiest time of the year as patients try to meet insurance deductibles and rejuvenate post summer skin.  Some patients may require additional appointments for minor surgeries after skin cancer screenings and biopsies. We do our best to accommodate everyone but there is a time factor with biopsy results taking a week to 10 days to come in prior to scheduling of surgeries.

Emily Nardiello PA-C, Welcomes A Boy!

If you are familiar with Emily Nardiello, PA-C, she welcomed her first child, in September. Emily is on maternity leave but will be starting a limited schedule in December. I know we are excited to have her back as are her patients. We would like to thank you anyone who has had to be rescheduled or scheduled with different providers.

National Healthy Skin Month

November celebrated National Healthy Skin Month and we thought a good time to talk about the benefits of taking care of your skin and starting when your younger (this is for you 20 somethings). Good skin care can reduce your risk of developing early skin aging and skin cancer. Just ask anyone who remembers using baby oil and iodine as a tan enhancer back in the day. We could come up with a decent list of “I wish I wouldn’t have done that to my skin.” The right skin care routine can help decrease breakouts, redness and help with overall healthier looking skin. It is never too late to adopt better habits no matter what your age is. Middle age individuals have their own set of skin challenges like dry skin and an increase in sunspots. It is important to note that skin care does not have to break the budget. There are some good basic skincare products available. These incorporated with even one anti-aging product like a retinoid can make a big difference. If you are unfamiliar, we do carry a variety of products and price points. Master Aesthetician, Leslie Carney is available to help patients navigate a good skin care regimen.

Wishing Everyone a Healthy, Happy, Holiday