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Northwest summers go quickly and now that fall is here we hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather the last couple months. In this month’s Positively Skin Newsletter we’re going to focus on treatments for post summer skin. Fall is typically a busy time for laser and related treatments that help improve both the health and look of your skin after summer. With less time spent outdoors, it’s easier to manage the downtime some of these procedures have while affording time to see full results before the holidays.

 Fall Specials


About This Month’s Specials

Fraxel Facial: This adaptation of Fraxel is a “baby” version of the full treatment combined with two proprietary topical ingredients to stimulate collagen and combat free radical damage. Fraxel has two wavelengths, one emitting energy into the top layer of the skin and one that goes deeper into the dermis. This treatment addresses the top layer of skin, targeting minor pigmentation, pore size, and skin texture. Skin will be pink and can have mild peeling a couple days post treatment. Cost after discount $290.00.

Fortified Fraxel Facial: This treatment takes it up a notch using both wavelengths. Added benefit is stimulation of collagen deeper in the skin and improving fine lines or more pronounced textural issues. The same topical products are used with this procedure. This treatment is one of our most popular treatments for benefits, effectiveness and cost. It’s important to note that both use less energy settings than a regular Fraxel. Patients that have significant sun damage, actinic keratosis, deeper lines and wrinkles are better candidates for a full Fraxel treatment. Cost after discount $600.

Ultherapy: Is non-invasive lifting of the skin using ultrasound waves. Tiny microbursts of energy emitted deep in the skin stimulate collagen production creating the lifting effect. What is unique about Ultherapy is multiple layers of the skin are targeted with precise energy and the technician can see the layers of skin on a screen. Other similar procedures like radio frequency do not have the same precision as Ultherapy does. Ultherapy also requires expertise for maximum benefit. Leslie Carney, LME, performs all these treatments and works closely with Dr. Michalak who reviews all patient treatment plans. Her expertise comes from performing the treatment for years, training from Dr. Michalak and advanced training from the company. Besides working closely with Dr. Michalak she has attended several advanced trainings. Cost: 15% off any area with complimentary touch-up lines, fees vary by area.

Vitalize Peel: For those looking for simplicity and brighter skin, the Vitalize is for you. This gold standard chemical peel has a combination of powerful ingredients, resorcinol, lactic, and salicylic acid finished with retinoic acid. Good for most skin types, addressing surface pigment then exfoliating it off in a few days. This is good for acne also. Peels are best done in a series every 2 to 4 weeks for best results. Cost after discount, $350 for 3 peels. You can also take advantage of the “Ap-peel-ing” peel card and get your 10th peel free.

Other Popular Procedures in Fall

Fraxel: This is a go-to for sun damage and for patients that want to see a big change in their skin. Fraxel does an excellent job of reducing pigmentation, smoothing the skin and creating a glow. We often recommend this with Laser Dynamic Therapy as a preventative treatment for patients that have had precancer or skin cancer like basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma.

Total FX: Or referred to as Co2 skin resurfacing, a more invasive laser procedure for sun damage, deeper wrinkles, scarring and more. You even get some skin tightening benefits with this treatment. Patients who gravitate towards this have tried other treatments but need more. Especially middle age patients, who’s skin damage require a more aggressive treatment. Collagen production diminishes as we age so some of the lighter treatments have limitations. Total FX is truly a remarkable procedure and can completely remodel your skin. This procedure is done by Dr. Michalak only.

LDT (Laser Dynamic Therapy): If you’ve had skin cancer in our office this preventative treatment would have been part of your treatment plan. A light sensitizing topical solution is applied to your skin and left to “incubate” for a period of 1-3 hours. We then use a laser (V-Beam) to activate the solution. There is some downtime associated with this treatment and you cannot exposure your skin to light for 48 hours post treatments. We use this to lessen future development of actinic keratosis and skin cancers, providing patients also wear sunscreen and protect their skin following treatment.

Microneedling: Creates microinjuries in the skin stimulating your bodies natural wound healing response boosting collagen production hence the name “collagen induction therapy”. Popular because this is a relatively simple procedure with minimal downtime. We then add two topical products for additional collagen stimulation and antioxidant benefits. We use the FDA approved SkinPen that has sterile one-use disposable cartridges so it’s safer and more effective than a roller. A consideration is that microneedling is best done in a series. One treatment may give you the experience but to see a real benefit you need a minimum of 3-5. Also great for scarring.

Dermatology in the Fall

Fall is a busy time for dermatology! Post summer skin concerns have patients seeking skin cancer screening at a all time high. Skin exams evaluate the skins surface for anything unusual and if necessary, a biopsy to further evaluate. Often patients wait until later in the fall and we get booked out, so don’t wait to schedule. It’s also helpful when patients need a surgery so they can utilize met insurance deductibles. If you’ve never had one, make this a part of your yearly healthcare.

Continued Safety Precautions

Early on we adopted additional safety precautions to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep you safe during your visit. If you have not been in the office this year, here is what we have implemented:

  • Self-temperature scan when you enter the building. Located across from office #101, simply step up to the device on the wall and your temperature will be displayed in 2-3 seconds. Instructions are there to help with the process.
  • Sanitizer stations are placed throughout the office.
  • Plexiglass screens are at the reception desk to minimize exposure between staff & patients.
  • Marked social distancing in the waiting area. We are asking patients to wait in their car prior to appointments to limit patients in the waiting area.
  • The latest UV disinfection devices in addition to our normal disinfection processes between patients.

Telemedicine is available for some types of appointments such as follow up visits, acne, prescription refills. You can find out more by calling the office if your interested in scheduling this.

Happy Fall