Refresh Your Look for the Holidays with a Fraxel Facial

As we start counting down to the holiday season, make sure you make some room in your schedule for a quick cosmetic touch-up. Now is a great time to undergo a Fraxel Facial™ that will freshen up your skin to bring out that natural glow. This innovative treatment is perfect before a big event, and you will see results with just one treatment. If you want clear, smooth, and beautiful skin just in time for the holiday season, talk to us about a facial rejuvenation treatment that will give our skin a boost!

Fortified Fraxel Facials to Rejuvenate Your Look

One of the most common skin concerns among our patients is a dull-looking complexion. If you are noticing that your skin has lost its radiance and is looking a bit lackluster, you may need something other than a standard facial or even a chemical peel. The Fortified Fraxel Facial™ is a combination of skin rejuvenation medications and non-ablative laser treatment that can effectively resurface the skin and trigger collagen production. You’ll not only notice results right away but will see progressive results as your skin starts to heal and renew itself over the course of a few weeks. Most patients notice a significant improvement in the tone and texture of their skin after one of our Fraxel Facial™ treatments.

Getting a Fraxel Facial for Holiday Season

You can undergo a Fraxel Facial™ within a few weeks of holiday events to look and feel your best this season! The treatment is appropriate for almost all skin types and can be very effective for smoothing out the skin and enhancing skin tone. Since this treatment also triggers collagen production, you will notice that your skin will look even smoother and radiant for several weeks and months after your treatment. You can undergo another treatment around New Year’s to continue seeing improvements in your complexion. There is little to no downtime involved with this procedure so you can get back to your busy schedule soon after your treatment.

Ready for your holiday makeover? Schedule your Fraxel Facial™ consultation with Dr. Michalak today!

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