Frustrated with stubborn areas of body fat that won’t go away even with diet and exercise? UltraShape can help. One of a newer generation of ways to diminish fat, UltraShape safely targets areas like the abdomen, love handles, and bra area. The treatment is comfortable and a safe alternative to other treatments like cryolipolysis.

What is UltraShape?

UltraShape is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that works to shape and contour the body.  Fat cells are permanently destroyed, reducing the treated area.

This is done using ultrasound cavitation to break down the wall of  your fat cells. Cavitation, “shakes,” the cell breaking up the cell wall releasing the fat in the form of triglycerides.  Your body then eliminates the damage naturally over a period of time.

Who is a Good Candidate For the Procedure?

Good candidates should have a healthy BMI,  within 20 pounds of your desired goal weight.  Your health will be reviewed during the consultation, and if there are concerns this should be discussed prior to treatment. It’s important to know non-invasive devices do not reduce your weight, instead contour areas like the lower abdomen that has squishy fat, that will not go away.

Does UltraShape Really Work?

As with any non-invasive treatment, this is one of the most common questions. Patients are measured each treatment and see one to five inches of reduction, as long as they are doing their part as recommended by the doctor. This treatment requires 3 sessions to be successful and for some additional treatments are necessary. It’s important for patient expectations to be realistic with any treatment and bring concerns up to your doctor.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Plan for 90 days until you see the “final” result. Treatments are scheduled two weeks apart, and most patients report seeing some reduction early on after the first or second treatment. Everyone’s body responds differently, so the speed to which you’ll see the rate of reduction can vary.


All consultations are performed by Dr. Michalak. He will assess the area and determine if this is the best treatment for you. For patients that are not a candidate, other recommendations will be made so you know how to achieve your goals. Some patients may benefit more from liposuction, depending on the area, or the amount of fat you are looking to reduce.  Consultations are complimentary and usually take 30 minutes.


Scheduling your consultation is as easy as giving us a call. Once your consultation is finished you will receive a pricing and your treatment plan. Treatments can be scheduled thereafter. Treatments are performed by Leslie Carney, Licensed Master Aesthetician. Leslie is very experienced performing these treatments, done under the supervision of Dr. Michalak.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling us at: 425-391-2500.

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