Put Your Best Face Forward With Dermaplaning Treatments


We are excited to now offer dermaplaning as part of our medical spa services either as a single service or a Micropeel (dermaplaning plus the addition of glycolic acid). Dermaplaning was first introduced into dermatology  in the 1990’s as a procedure called the “Micropeel.”   The procedure has stood the test of time and is more popular than ever because the treatment is quick, effective and your skin looks refreshed immediately.

What exactly is dermaplaning?

Simply put its mechanical exfoliation of the skin.  The mechanical part is using a tool that removes dead, dry skin cells and the fine vellus hairs from the stratum corneum.  Dermaplaning is popular because once you remove dead skin cells and hair, you’re left with smooth, soft, radiant skin. Makeup glides on and the effects last for up to 4 weeks. It’s amazing how many dead surface skin cells can be removed with this technique, especially on really dry, dull winter skin. There are other benefits too like creating an environment for better penetration of home care serums and moisturizers.  Sounds good right?

Debunking common myths about dermaplaning

There are some common misconceptions about this wonderful treatment because to some this is essentially shaving of the face. While the idea is there, you will not get the same results with a razor vs. a dermaplaning tool. The “tool” is a single blade that is modified so it doesn’t have a sharp point at the end making it much safer.

  1. Your facial hair will grow back darker: This is the most common myth and reason why you might shy away, but it’s simply not true. Fear of darker hair growth has been a long standing concern for females on the face. Truth is we have different hair structures, vellus and terminal hair. Vellus is the fine peach fuzz you see on your face, terminal is the darker hair. You cannot change the hair structures by simply shaving them off.
  2. Your Hair will grow back thicker: Similar to myth #1, cutting the hair off at the skin’s surface creates a blunt edge you can feel. Once the hair grows back it will be exactly the same. This technique does not affect the hair follicle within the skin.
  3. Dermaplaning is painful. Dermaplaning is a totally pain free procedure. There is often concern because of the usage of a blade. Leslie, our master aesthetician was trained by Dr. Michalak and SkinCeuticals on how to perform the treatment. SkinCeuticals is a professional skincare company with years in the business selling to medical offices. Professional training produces better dermaplaning skills. The strokes are feather light, just enough to effectively remove dead skin cells.

Why add professional dermaplaning to your anti-aging routine? Why not is the question?  Who doesn’t want smooth radiant skin with no downtime and better penetration of expensive skincare products? Almost everyone is a candidate and this procedure is a nice adjunct with laser’s or other aesthetic treatment plans. Master Licensed Aesthetician, Leslie Carney offers dermaplaning during regular business hours here at Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology of Issaquah.  We love to answer questions about our procedures and encourage prospective patients to reach out via the website or give us a call 425-391-2500.


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