COVID-19 Advisory

Greetings to Our Valued Patients,

We’ve come along way in the fight against Covid-19 and although most public settings do not require masks and face coverings at this time, heath care facilities are still required too. We thank you for understanding while in the office.

Additional steps to keep everyone safe in the office:

  •  All waiting rooms and treatment areas are frequently sanitized with disinfectant and the latest UV light disinfection devices.
  •  Body temperature is taken before entry to the facility and taken a 2nd time after entry.
  •  Hand sanitation provided prior to entry of the facility.
  •  Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the facility
  •  All appointments are pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms, travel history, and potential exposure prior to arrival at our facility.
  •  Our ASC Facility is AAAHC certified, licensed and meets all standards of infection control.
  •  All staff and patients are required to wear masks or facial coverings in accordance with state requirements. Staff is wearing KN 95 masks.
  • We are now requiring patients having cosmetic procedures to be fully vaccinated.

 Telemedicine is Available

Since COVID-19 began we worked quickly to implement telemedicine appointments so you can see us by video without the risk of traveling to the office. Virtual appointments allow you the same high-quality medical care from the safety of your own home. The most common types of visits are rashes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, acne check backs, and nail fungus. Follow-up appointments for prescription refills can also be facilitated this way in most cases. Unfortunately not all appointments can be done virtually, some will still require in person visits, including new patients.

To Get Started With Telemedicine You Will Need The Following:

• Access to a computer, smartphone, or tablet that has a camera and microphone.
• Easy access via our online portal or downloadable app (we will provide) at no charge.
• Schedule your appointment by calling the office.

We are Here For You

We recognize that some patients may still be hesitant to schedule routine medical appointments during this time. If you have a history of skin cancer or suspicious spot, delaying important medical appointments can have a negative impact on your health. Some skin cancers can grow quickly so early detection is still the best choice.

Maintaining your health is as important as ever and we are here to help. We encourage you to call us so we can provide any additional information you might need regarding scheduling office visits or telemedicine calls.

The office is open Monday-Friday with normal business hours.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 425-391-2500.



Dr. Victor R. Michalak and Staff