Laser Vein Treatment

Problematic spider veins and varicose veins can now be removed with laser vein treatment, a brief outpatient procedure at Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology of Issaquah. By applying energy to the unwanted vein, it dissolves and disappears. The procedure may be performed alone or in combination with sclerotherapy.

Is Laser Vein Treatment Right for You?

Laser vein treatment is a suitable option for patients who present with unwanted spider veins visible on the skin. These veins appear on many areas of the body, although the legs are the most common area of concern.

A laser can easily treat small surface vessels that are 1-2 mm wide. As with many cosmetic procedures, good candidates for laser vein treatment in Seattle & Issaquah are healthy, non-smokers, who are motivated to improve their appearance.

How Laser Vein Treatment Removes Unwanted Vessels

A typical laser vein treatment requires only about 30 minutes to complete and most patients need no anesthetic. The laser energy penetrates the skin, targeting the pigment in the blood, which is affects only the vein – not the surrounding tissues. As the vein is heated, it dissolves or collapses. (depending on its size; large veins typically collapse while small veins dissolve).

After Your Laser Vein Treatment

Many patients can return to their normal activities right away, but the recovery time varies from person to person. During a 4–6 week period after treatment, the treated veins will disappear or become less noticeable. Dr. Michalak may advise you to wear special compression stockings to achieve satisfactory results and help minimize post-treatment swelling.

Several sessions may be needed to achieve satisfactory results. It’s important to remember that laser vein treatment will not prevent spider veins from appearing in the future.

There are possible side effects with laser vein treatment such as minor bruising, swelling and redness around the treated areas. Risks include epidermal damage, pain, thrombosis, hyperpigmentation, matting or unsatisfactory results.

To learn more about laser vein therapy in Issaquah, contact the office of Dr. Michalak today.

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