We now offer Telemedicine virtual appointments so you can be evaluated from the comfort of your own home. This appointment type would be like coming into the office only instead, facilitated through a computer with a camera, tablet, or smartphone.
Telemedicine is a good choice for patients that have health concerns and are considered high risk or have non-urgent conditions. Evaluations of suspicious spots, moles, and possible skin cancers are better evaluated in the office. Some of the conditions we can see via virtual appointment are:
Acne and acne check backs
• Rashes, eczema, psoriasis
• Nail fungus
• Prescription refills
New patients still need to come into the office for their first visit. For anyone with concerns that fall outside of what is listed, please call the office. We are here to help and recognize some patients may need exceptions, this would be done on a case by case basis.

Appointments are Easily Set Up in Three Steps

Telemedicine is easier than you think so don’t delay making an appointment because you think it’s complicated. Here is how to get started:
1. Call the office and set your appointment time
2. You will be instructed to sign up for our online portal or download an app for smartphone users
3. Be ready by your device at the time of your appointment
That’s all there is to it. We have office staff to help walk you through the portal or phone app. The portal is multi-use and many patients already use it to view their medical information. Virtual appointments are just another feature of the portal. If you are new to the portal, a secure link will be provided so you can sign up when you make your appointment.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

You can expect your virtual appointment to be like an office visit. Your healthcare provider will ask a series of questions then evaluate your condition. If prescriptions are applicable, they will be sent electronically to your pharmacy.
It’s helpful before your appointment to make sure your computer is working correctly, charged and you’re in a well-lit room where you are comfortable. If the room is bright from sunlight it can cast a shadow making it difficult for your provider to see, so it’s best to use artificial light.
The positioning of your computer or phone is important also so your doctor has a full visual field. If you’re using a smartphone, you may need someone to help you position the phone for difficult areas like the back.
Do keep in mind that after being evaluated we may still ask you to come into the office for further treatment. A biopsy would be an example of this and can only be done in the office.

How Long Will My Appointment Last?

Telederm appointments are structured like office visits so the expected appointment length is between 10 and 20 minutes. Do allow some extra time, especially if you are new to this type of appointment.

Is This Covered by Insurance?

Most Insurance companies should cover this type of visit. Because plans vary, it’s always a good idea to contact your insurance carrier just to be sure. We take most insurance plans that are PPO’s including Medicare.

Scheduling Telemedicine Appointments

Appointments can be scheduled by calling the office direct at 425-391-2500. If you are unsure this type of appointment is for you, we encourage you to call so we can help determine that. Our goal is to help patients continue their medical care and not put things off due to uncertainties due to COVID-19.